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Provitel / PROFILE
Outsource to Provitel your Bilingual call center customer service, tech support, infomercial response, telecommunication sales, back office, web chat. Services in Spanish, French and English in a 24X7 operation. Call: 809-929-9806 or 1-800-537-9735.

Clienting Group - Since 1986, we've offering strategic development, operational and consulting Direct Marketing and Contact Center services to the most important companies in the region.

PITON - Network of leading U.S. call centers with offshore Philippine operations. Inbound and outbound Philippine call centers include DRTV, telemarketing, reservations, customer support, tech support, non-profit, surveys, cross selling, etc. Cost-savings of 40-60% vs. U.S. rates. The Philippines is ranked among the world's top four outsource destinations. Well-known for its highly-skilled labor force, the Philippines is poised as the offshore destination of choice for call centers specializing in customer support.

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