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Contact Center Pipeline is a monthly instructional journal focused on driving success through effective contact center management. Each issue contains informative articles, case studies, best practices, research and coverage of trends that impact the customer experience.

Benchmark Portal - Whether you're looking to benchmark your call center's performance against your competitor's, improve agent and customer satisfaction, or increase efficiency, you've found THE SOURCE.

CRMXchange's Virtual Conference Center - Discussion forums with an interactive environment to discuss issues, ask questions, and make comments related to contact center issues.

Call Center Metrics: ICMI Tutorial covers all call center Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) basics and beyond, an invaluable resource for both new and experienced contact center professionals.

Call Center Learning Center - Best Practices in Call Center Management, Operations and Technology, benchmarking tool to compare to other call centers and help make decisions to improve.

COPC(SM) - Initiatives that support superior performance in customer-touch environments, as measured by the criteria of customer service, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

APQC - Examining best practices in call centers since our first 1994 consortium benchmarking study. Leaders in identifying and sharing innovative practices and key trends in call centers.